Magnum Series Series Heat Guns

Available in 2200 or 3000 Watt Models For a Variety of Assembly, Construction or Repair Applications

Commercial and industrial assembly, construction and repair projects can now be performed safely and quickly with the new Magnum Series Hot Air tools from the Winston Group.

Process speeds and operator safety are increased, Hand held and infinitely adjustable, the Magnum Series Hot Air tools bring convenience and tremendous flexibility to the workplace.

Available in 2200 or 3000 watts, they are double insulated for operator safety. The air temperature is electronically adjusted and an air slide with filter regulates the air volume. Guns have an impact-resistant plastic housing, easily replaceable ceramic reinforced heating element and include an extra-wide surface nozzle tip. Other nozzle tips are available.

Magnum Series Hot Air Tools are lightweight, user-friendly and very, very versatile for today’s jobs and those you’ll need to perform tomorrow. Made and serviced in the U.S.A. and guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction.





Performance Specifications

Model: 2000-V32 Magnum Heat Gun
Voltage: 120V, 220V 50/60HZ
Wattage: 2700, 2200/3000 watts
Temperature: Ambient-1300°F (650°C)
Air Flow: 55 CFM (500 liters/min)
Weight: 3.2Ibs. (1600 gms)
Dimensions: 12.6"x3.7" (320mm x 95mm)


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